Does hanging out with me count as “professional development” for Reid?

Reid and I took Ken to work on Friday so that we’d have the car for her PD day. She was excited to go into Ken’s office but suffered an attack of shyness at first. Once someone asked Reid about her pottery class, though,  she remembered that she had lots of words to use. Her delight at Ken going to class with her hasn’t diminished. After Reid had charmed all who came near, I took her to FoodBasics. We got our groceries and then went to Dollarama, or at least we were headed there when Reid noticed the “kiddie park” with its 4 ride-on vehicles. Reid tried each in turn and asked for money to put in one. She doesn’t usually ask for money because I never give her any but that one time when Grandma Joyce gave her money in Belleville is obviously still vivid in Reid’s memory. After Dollarama, Reid declared herself ready for lunch. It was 9:30. The smell of baking bread from the Subway was very appealing, though, and after a few more minutes at the kiddie park we went to Subway for a snack. I’m much better at saying “no” to a request for a loonie to put in a mechanical horse than I am to refusing a food request. We finally got back home about 10:45. It’s amazing how Reid and I can while away time. I heard echoes of Uncle Roger’s “shopping-related injuries” comment as I thought of how we’d spent our morning.

We baked a white cake supreme – from scratch – and two loaves of bread in the afternoon. By the time Ken got home, the kitchen was a disaster and I couldn’t fault him for asking what, exactly, we’d done all day. (Well, I shouldn’t have faulted him. I did so anyway.) After supper I assembled our cakes into “Aunt Sharon’s Pineapple Dessert” as a treat for Ken who doesn’t care for chocolate. It was way richer than what we’re used to eating, even though I didn’t frost the sides or use all of the filling. And then I learned that Ken doesn’t care for cake generally. Odd thing for a man to hide from his own true love for almost 14 years, eh? (Of course I would remember if he’d ever mentioned it. ;+)

If Reid wants to be a mom who hangs out at malls and bakes cakes, we can count Friday as professional development for her and her teachers. If she has other aspirations, though, it was just a day in the life of a girl on the go.

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