But it’s fun to eat out

Two Sundays past, Reid and I met Melissa for lunch at the food court in the mall by our house. As Reid dressed after swimming last Sunday, Reid asked if we could go to a restaurant for lunch. When I said, “no”, she asked if we could eat at the grocery store. I repeated that we were eating at home and Reid said plaintively, “But it’s fun to eat out.” Truer words were never spoken. Reid really is my daughter, you know. I reminded  her that we’d had hotdogs for lunch on Saturday and we headed for home. I noticed that Reid’s jam sandwich from Saturday was still on the passenger seat, safely in its Tupperware, and offered it to her. She accepted it and announced that she was going to eat in the car and then stay in it to play while I went in the house. I guess that Reid is willing to interpret “eating out” to include any meal that doesn’t occur within the confines of the main part of our house. It’s good that she is flexible about food, since I’m the chief cook in our family. ;+)

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