When my sherpa is in another country

Leaving for Toronto¬†was a tougher undertaking than usual. I don’t always notice how much Ken does to make my life easier – it happens after nearly 12 years of marriage – but it was very apparent last Thursday. Apparently, he loads the stuff that I’ve already packed into the car while I gather food and last minute things. With Ken in London, England, I was scrambling to pack the car, the cooler, feed the cats and worms, and all the rest. So, this is a public “thank you” to Ken for all of the things he does that I don’t notice.

3 Responses to “When my sherpa is in another country”

  1. Shannon says:

    I can totally relate. I leave a lot of things for the hubby to do, things he always takes care of and I never need to think of. You’re right, you don’t notice until they aren’t around! I appreciate it alot!!

  2. I love this as a short, sweet tribute. It’s amazing the simple things we do for one another in marriage, just to make one another’s life easier. :D