Back then they didn’t have counting processes

Reid’s teacher wrote a note on a math sheet to say that Reid can count to 32 in French and that she skipped 33 and then said 34. I have no information to indicate whether this puts Reid at, below or above the expected level. Reid seemed a bit concerned that she hadn’t counted higher and I reassured her that she was doing well, even counting to 34. (Reid denies having missed 33.) I told her that I hadn’t learned to count to 100 until grade 1, when I was six. Reid found this interesting and asked, “Back then, you didn’t have counting processes?” I said that we just didn’t learn to count to 100 in Kindergarten ┬áReid said confidently, “And when you did, it ended at 100. There were no really big numbers.” I told her that we did, in fact, have big numbers way back then. Reid didn’t believe me, though. She probably thinks I’m so old that I’m losing my memory.

2 Responses to “Back then they didn’t have counting processes”

  1. Loukia says:

    Oh my goodness, that is so funny! So cute, the things they say.