Don’t judge a food by its name

When Reid asked what was for supper last night, I told her we were having fajitas. Reid announced that she didn’t like them in her “and I don’t want to hear anymore on this subject” tone of voice. I said that I doubted she ever had them and told her that fajitas had meat – a longtime favourite food of Reid’s  - inside of tortillas – a new favourite that would be a candidate for food obsession if we allowed it. “Oh!” said Reid. “I’ll like them. But the name sounded yucky.”

Ken cooked and at one point said that he couldn’t find any onion. I rarely buy them because Ken doesn’t like them. Reid said she doesn’t like onion, either, because they’re too spicy. I told both of them that we didn’t have any onion and that the fajitas would be fine without them. Maybe not great or authentic but fine, even without the yummy carmellized onions.

At supper, Reid spread the cottage cheese, that I’d mistakenly put on the table in place of sour cream, on her tortilla, added the meat and then asked me to slice her wrap. The meat was pretty spicy, a two-and-a-half glass of milk meal, and Reid complained a bit about her lips being hot. Onions were rejected as too spicy but the cajun spice on the meat was okay.

We need to remember to put Vaseline or Blistex on her before supper for protection against the spices. It’s especially rough to be the sort that sticks one’s tongue out when concentrating, which causes awful chapped lips, when one also likes spicy foods.

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