If she’d known that I wouldn’t remember

Grandma Joyce told a story last weekend about how I’d had my heart set on going to the circus at one point when I was a kid. She said that she and Lila finally agreed to take Janet and me to the circus in an arena in Windsor. She talked about how loud and smelly the whole experience had been. She said that I’d very much enjoyed myself. I have to take her word for it. I appreciate the sacrifice Grandma Joyce made, given that she doesn’t like being in crowds at the best of times. I told her that it’s too bad she hadn’t known what a phenomenally bad memory I’d have as an adult. Otherwise, she could have stayed home and just told me when I was grown that she took me the circus when I was a kid. It might have been hard to handle all of the pestering from the little kid me, though. Grandma Joyce probably made the right decision. Taking a photo would have been a good idea, though.

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  1. Amber says:

    My oldest is a little over 4. Until recently I knew that everything we did would likely be forgotten. The trip to the Wiggles concert or the amusement park would disappear into the haze of time. But I think they’re still important, they still form some part of an overall impression of happiness and fun and all that jazz. Plus it’s good for us as adults to get out and have fun with these little ones.

    Maybe Grandma Joyce would agree with me. Although a photo probably would have been a good idea. :)

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