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The opposite of busy

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Well, if last weekend was over programmed – and it was – this weekend was just the opposite. Reid had soccer and swimming on Saturday morning as always and then we planted our vegetable gardens in the afternoon. With all of the rain during the week, the yard and garden were wet and muddy. In other words, perfect for Reid, the poster child for “a dirty kid is a happy kid” movement.

We mixed the soil from last year’s potato crop – which we grew in plastic buckets that the cats’ litter comes in – into the main garden. Ken thought the buckets looked a bit déclassé. Now I need another approach for growing taties this year, though. Suggestions are welcome. We added dirt and sheep poop to the new patch. Reid loves talking about and working with the sheep poop! Finally, we planted tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, leeks and rhubarb. We even put in a blueberry bush. I bet we’ll have to wait years before there are berries to pick but sooner or later we’ll be fighting over a handful of berries from our bush. We should probably plant more bushes. I’d plant some in the front of the house but since someone stole one of the 2 tulips that I managed to get to flower, I don’t think I trust my neighbours. We didn’t plant any seeds but there is always this weekend for that.

By the time we were done gardening, Reid and I were muddy from head-to-toe. We took a bath in water that was soon brown. It made me think of my own childhood. Sigh. The good old days.

In the midst of washing my hair later that night, I had a dizzy spell and had to call Ken to help me get to bed. Reid was panicky that I was sick and started crying. She ended up snuggled beside me as I tried not to toss my cookies while also soothing her. Ken thought there was some injustice in it but that’s just being a mom, eh? When we woke on Sunday morning, Reid looked at me and said, “You need to brush your hair.” She know just the right thing to say to her sick mother.

Since I could only manage to lie still, and Ken was tired from a night spent in Reid’s bed, Reid had lots of time for watching videos and listening to stories. We played a game of bingo since that’s easy to do while lying down. There is something to be said for having to stay home and do nothing for a day. I only wish that I didn’t have to have an inner ear problem for it to happen. I guess I could *plan* not to plan. But probably I won’t.