Plans for Uncle Roger

After a long drive that ended about midnight and was followed by the Detroit-Pittsburgh hockey game, Uncle Roger might have been hoping to sleep late but Reid had other ideas. She tried tickling his exposed toes, shaking his shoulder and calling to him but he wouldn’t wake until she kissed him. Little kid kisses are as magic for waking up adults as adults’ kisses are for soothing pinched fingers and scraped knees.

Once she had Uncle Roger upstairs, Reid started talking about going to the beach and getting sand and seashells. Without context and half-awake, I don’t think Uncle Roger understood all of what Reid was saying. I clarified, “Reid has plans for today.” Uncle Roger asked if Reid’s had plans for *him*. Reid’s eyes sparkled as she answered that she did have plans for him, many plans. She said that she had some plans for Grandma Joyce, and for Mama and Daddy but she had more than this many (wiggling the fingers of one hand) for Uncle Roger. She gets the planning gene from me.

I’m not sure how many of Reid’s plans were put into practice today but they were on their way to the beach at Petrie Island before 10:00. The day was off to a promising start.

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