Grandma Joyce’s trusty needle

When Grandma Joyce is sitting still, she is usually doing embroidery or sometimes knitting. Over the last few months, she has been saying to Reid, “Let me introduce you to my trusty needle.” And Reid has been refusing the offer. On Monday, Reid finally accepted. Grandma pretends to poke with a needle but doesn’t. Grandma Joyce told me that she had explained the trick to Reid but Reid still jumped when she “introduced” Reid to her “trusty needle”. Reid wanted Grandma Joyce to introduce *me* to her trusty needle but I was 34 years past falling for it.

At bath time, Reid looked at me with dancing eyes and asked, “Can I introduce you to my trusty sponge?” I was more than a little leery since I was nice and dry and it was most definitely neither. I made Reid promise not to soak me and was introduced to her trusty sponge. Next, she introduced me to her “trusty rubber octopus” and had to decline further introductions in favour of washing hair and brushing teeth.

If Grandma Joyce ever offers you an introduction to her trusty needle, accept and see whether you jump or not.

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