Our adventures at Cosmic Adventures

Ken and I took Zachary, Dylan and Reid to Cosmic Adventures, an indoor playground last Tuesday night while Melissa and Roy went out for supper. The evening convinced me of something that I’ve long suspected and taught me something else:
1. Reid is braver than I am.
2. Zachary is fearless.

When I first took Reid to Cosmic Adventures, she was 3 and content to play in the area reserved for children under 4. We even spent a bit of time upstairs on the equipment reserved for the under-3 crowd. As soon as we entered the facility last night, Zachary headed for the nearest entry to the main structures. He had to execute a gymnastics sort of maneuver to hoist his body onto the next level of the climbing structure. It seems Zachary is used to finding work-arounds for being only 2.5 years old. I was scrambling to keep up as he went through the hard plastic tubes, rope bridges, etc. Once in the tubes, Zachary’s size was a definite advantage. He could run full tilt while standing upright in places where Reid had to hunch and I had to crawl. My knees were still tender two days later. (Poor me ;+) A friend from work later told me that you can borrow knee pads from the front desk. Next time I’ll know!

At some points, I had to have Reid stay with Zachary – calling out direction changes as they went while I tried to catch up. I’ve never been so glad that Reid learned left from right. I thought I needed to stay close to Zachary, just in case, but Zachary didn’t think he needed me for anything.

After a trip to the water fountain, Reid and Dylan went into the under-4 area and Zachary and I followed. It was lovely to sit back and observe as all three kids were contained and visible. Zachary was the first to tire of the “little kid” area and go back to the main area. I took him up to the toddler area after a while but it was clearly too tame to interest Zachary the Brave.

We went back to the main climbers and spent our last while going to the highest possible places. I had to fight my own personal boogeymen throughout the evening – vertigo and claustrophobia – and so I was awfully proud to make it to the top in those ridiculously small tunnels. Proud but not 100% comfortable. I learned a bit from Zachary the Brave. Not that I’m sad that Reid won’t ask me to climb with her at her birthday party. But I know that I can go rescue someone if I need to do so.

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