Sometimes the solution to one problem leads to another problem

I asked Reid if she wanted to go to the free Kids’ Workshop at Home Depot this Saturday. She said that she did and then asked if she’d be making a Mother’s Day present since she’d made a Father’s Day present at the last workshop she attended. I told her that we’d missed the Mother’s Day workshop because we’d been camping. Reid considered this and then said, “Well, if it’s for Kid’s Day, I’ll just keep my eyes closed.” <grin> I guess Reid wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise when she opened the present she was making. She might not want the banged fingers from hammering with eyes closed either but, then again, Reid tends not to want to be the one who holds the nail that she is hammering.

According to a couple of websites, Reid and the other kids will be making a message centre. I guess Reid will be able to keep her eyes open since I’m pretty sure the message centre isn’t intended as a present for Kids’ Day, which does exist and is celebrated on various days, including¬† on November 20th¬†in Canada.

And, no, I’m not concerned about the fact that Home Depot is being attacked in the US for sponsoring Kids Workshops at gay pride events. I do wonder, though, about the people who dedicate energy to objecting to such things who could use that energy to help kids in need.

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