Advice I can’t believe Reid needed

Uncle Roger told me that he and Reid were at Seacliffe Park one day last week when Reid got into a sticky situation on the climber. He noticed that she was hanging from the bars as she said, in a normal voice, “Help me, please.” Uncle Roger told Reid that her if she was in trouble she needed to yell loudly. He said that I may have said not to yell but that I would agree it was okay when she needed someone’s help. Reid replied,  “I yelled as loud as I could without hurting my ears.”

I love this story for two reasons:
1. Uncle Roger didn’t try to undermine my rules about yelling while teaching Reid a lesson about self-preservation.
2 Reid seems to have managed not to roll on the ground laughing at the very suggestion that she *needs* to be louder. It’s not advice I’d have ever expected Reid to be given.

I would’ve been tempted to say something about Reid risking broken bones to prevent hurt ears. And Reid might’ve ended up with a phobia about playground structures. It’s good Uncle Roger was there and not me. ;+)

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