How can that be?

Reid and I had the saddest conversation one morning this week. During our morning snuggle, she announced that Princess was *her* baby (usually she is Reid’s little sister) and I was the grandma. I don’t think I’m old enough to be the grandma, for what it’s worth.* And I definitely wasn’t ready for Reid to say, “And my man didn’t want me anymore so Princess and I are staying with you.” That creep! How could he not want my little girl anymore?!

Then, in a serious and concerned voice, Reid asked, “Is it allowed, even when you’re an adult, to live with your mama and dad?” I told her that she would, of course, be welcome to live with us. I even pointed out that Amanda and Nam live with his parents. Reid wondered what would happen if the man who she loved didn’t want to live with Ken and me after they were married. I told her that she should find out what her dates thought about living with her parents *before* she fell in love with them. I grudgingly added that maybe she would have to live in a different house once she is married.

We’ll have to wait (a couple or three) decades to see how this all turns out. I know Ken thinks Reid will leave home for university but I can’t bring myself to imagine that, yet.

*Yes, I know that I could easily have teenager/twenty-something year old with a child of their own but I don’t.

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