Photographer in training

I had my tripod out for Halloween, trying to get a good picture of Reid’s jack o’lantern glowing in all its spooky glory. It didn’t work all that well – the movement caused by my finger on the shutter caused blurry pictures and I didn’t think to try the timer. Reid found use for the tripod, though, pretending to take some pictures without a camera. When she set it up again on Monday night, I attached my point-and-shoot camera. Ken was sitting in his recliner, directly opposite the camera or, maybe I should reverse that since the camera was positioned because of Ken and not the other way around. Reid looked at the image on the camera’s display, made an displeased negative noise, climbed off of the footstool where the tripod was balanced and went to get me a hat to wear. I laughed at the sound and Ken told me that I make the same sound when I take pictures. Ken was deemed suitable in the toque Reid had put on his head and over his face but Reid had decided that I needed tulle and Reid’s straw boater, with the ribbon hanging in front of my face. Once we were accessorized to Reid’s satisfaction, she mimed how I was to position myself and then used her hands to tilt my head just so. Ken, since he couldn’t see anything, was allowed to stay as he was. Reid took a few pictures and then directed us to change our pose. We kissed and made sad faces, Ken rubbed his eyes to simulate crying. Reid seemed pleased with us as models. I’m hoping she thinks that she owes me a couple of poses the next I’m the one holding the camera. We’ll see.

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