People are different

Reid chose a Granny Smith apple with groceries last week. It wasn’t the first she’s had but I warned her at the store that they’re much more sour than the Royal Galas that we usually buy. After her first bite last night, I asked her if her face was all puckered up from the sourness and Reid said it wasn’t and that she could handle more sour than me. “People are different,” she said. “I can do more sour. And I’m quicker and I don’t make messes like you. Everyone has things they’re better at.” I wanted to challenge Reid’s assertion that I make more messes than her but I was even more curious to see what she thought I was better at. I asked and Reid had no answer. I suggested that I was better at driving, since I could and she couldn’t but Reid dismissed the idea. She said that I can drive because I’m an adult and she isn’t. She never did come up with anything I excel at. Oh, my poor ego!

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