Playing Mama and Baby – morning version

Reid asked me to play Mama and Baby on Tuesday morning, and she was the Mama. I’d been downstairs already and had to go back to join Reid at the top of the stairs. She was on the first landing and I had to stand in the hall. Then, as I reached out to take “Mama’s” hand to walk down together, she started descending the stairs rapidly. As I said the baby’s part, “Wait for me, Mama! I wanna hold your hand! Mama, wait!” Reid hurried ahead giggling. I objected, I never run away from her laughing.

When we got to the kitchen, Reid prompted me to ask if I could help her pack her lunch. Dutifully, I asked if I could help and Reid answered, “Ask Dad, if you can help him.” Ouch. Again, I had to protest, I would never set her up like that. I would, however, encourage her to “help” her Dad with his lunch instead of helping me with mine.
It’s always interesting to have these glimpses into how Reid sees me, though I wish that she didn’t see me to be quite as arbitrary as she does.

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