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Happy Birthday, Kathleen

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Hey Kackle,
I thought about you lots on your birthday, even told Reid it was your birthday and we stuck a birthday cake sticker on the calendar for you. Sadly, I didn’t get myself organized to write to you. I’m not sure if this email will count as extending the “Festival of Kathleen” but here’s the message that I wish I’d sent last week:

Dear Kathleen,
Happy Birthday! In your honour, I cooked a turkey dinner and even made a cherry pie for dessert. It would have been better to have had peanut butter sandwiches with you.

We talk about you lots. Reid speaks of being in your wedding often, she was very honoured to be chosen and she still feels that way – though, I suppose that she wouldn’t use that word. She also likes to remember the weekend we spent with you in North Bay last spring. We’ll need to get together way more often this year.

I, of course, have many stories to tell about you. One of my favourites are how you listened to your dad when he told you to shave the wispy hairs that grow along your hairline. I like this because I was that gullible, too, and my dad was just like yours and also that you laugh about the story when someone mentions it. I hope that I have that attitude, too. I also like to think about how difficult it was to get you to keep your clothes on when you were very young. (I’d have to ask Chris if it’s still a problem ;+) You were a bare, brown and smiling little kid. Okay, I’ll confess as an oh-so-cool teenager, it was sometimes embarrassing to have my friends come to the farm and see you in your altogether but it was character building for me. The memories are worth the embarrassment.

I hope that this will be your greatest year yet and that we’re able to share many adventures during it.