Happy Birthday, Sulienne

Reid says, “Bonne fĂȘte!”

Imagine us singing “Happy Birthday to you”. Or better yet, imagine Reid singing it since I can’t carry a tune in a basket. Reid’s song includes, “How old are you? Cha cha cha!” I think that she learned the cha cha chas at school. I don’t sing them and neither does Uncle Ken. Did it surprise you that he doesn’t sing them? ;+)

Reid also says, “tyghjkbnmsdgh”, which I think means, “My dad is going to roll his eyes when he realizes that I’m still awake but my mama and wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday on the very day.” We were busy ladies today and had lots of fun but it would have even more fun to have gone to the bridal show with you. Reid would have loved to see the dresses, wedding favours and all that stuff. She’d have tried to talk you into some wild things while I would have just said, “What do you think?” or “Whatever you choose will be lovely.” I’d never try to tell you what to do. Reid gets her bossiness from Uncle Ken, you know.

It’s amazing to me that you are old enough to be going a bridal show but I guess you must be. You probably had to wait until this birthday to be “legal”. I remember going to Detroit when I turned 21. I guess it was like that for you, too. In my head, though, you’re that round-bellied toddler that clung to me during swimming class, the little girl who came to highschool with me one day (though I can’t remember how I managed to get permission for that, thanks to my faulty memory) or maybe that trying-so-hard-to-be-older girl who was a bridesmaid in my wedding. I *know* that you’re a grown woman – or almost – but since I remember you when you were a girl, I’m choosing to ignore it. It’s a strange thing, really, since I enjoy having adult nieces to talk to and hang out with but I am nothing if not strange. But this is supposed to be about you.

Sulienne, we wish you great joy and happiness this year. You are a delight to be with and we treasure the time we spend together. Thanks again for joining us at the Nutcracker and if you have anything else on your life list that would be suitable for a young girl and an oldish woman, Reid and I are up for it. Uncle Ken tries to avoid ballets but he might be interested in other adventures.

Happy Birthday!

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