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Go, Canada. Go!

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Reid, Ken and I watched the Canada-USA hockey game together after supper last night. Reid is usually able to pay attention to the first period and half of the second and so we decided that watching it off the pvr would work out best. She had a little more interest in last night’s game but was playing mini-sticks by the time the third period was one. Unfortunately for us, the mini-sticks arena was located between the couch where Ken and I were sitting and the tv. I didn’t think to say, “Hey, Reid, you make a better door than a window,” but I’m sure Poppa Howard would have said it.

At one point, Reid was cheering for Princess, “Go, Canny. Go!” I asked her if Grandma Joyce had told her about me cheering like that when I was a baby. Reid couldn’t remember the story and so I told about how I’d been about a year old when the Canada-USSR Summit Series was on and I couldn’t say, “Canada” properly and so cheered, “Go, Canny. Go!” Reid grinned and I felt ever-so-Canadian.

As the game passed and then was tied, we worried if we would have the end, since the recording had stopped at 6:00. Finally, though, Sidney Crosby scored and we had at least 6 minutes left on the recording. Reid insisted on watching the teams shake hands but we were ready to go up to bed at 7:15. I was glad Crosby was the one to score since he is the only player whose name Reid recognizes because she got a puzzle with him on it at the Timbits Jamboree on Saturday.

This morning, Reid was dozing in bed when the sports announcer mentioned Canada’s gold medal in men’s hockey and said that fans in Ottawa had walked down Elgin to Parliament Hill, cheering and singing O Canada. Reid perked up and started to sing O Canada herself. Remember how I said I felt Canadian telling about my cheering in 1972, it was doubly-so when Reid sang our national anthem in her little girl voice before it was even dawn.