Things to learn

Reid asked me to bring my “big camera” (DSLR) camera with me to her dance recital last Friday. On the way to camp, she asked if I also had my “little camera” (point-and-shoot). Since I did, she asked to use it and was talking to me about a couple of the different settings on the dials and buttons and then said, “You’re teaching me about this camera, right?” I agreed that I was. Reid added, “Once I’ve learned it, you’ll give it to me and it will be mine, right?” I compromised with a “I’ll let you use it more,” but I think Reid might have heard, “Yes.” She smiled like I had agreed.

On the way into hockey on Saturday morning, Reid was asking why we’d put the summer tires on the car even though it was only spring. I told her that we had changed the winter tires for “all season tires”, that there were only the two kinds. Reid insisted on the existence of summer tires and, as I was explaining that the tires were for spring, summer and fall – all the seasons except winter. A couple of the parents looked at me strangely. I was tempted to say that I hadn’t started the discussion but I was too busy having the discussion.

And with talk of winter tires, I’ll take your help ensuring that Mother Nature doesn’t punish me with a winter storm for acting too hastily, especially with our Easter trip ahead of us. I think of this, especially, since Reid cried when she had to get on the school bus at noon yesterday. I’d hate to jinx myself twice in two days.

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