Sad hockey mom

Reid has her last hockey practice/game this evening. I’m kind of sad to see her first hockey season end. We had only two 7:00am sessions and the rest were at 8:00 or 9:00 with a few later ones thrown in. For our family, earlier is better. I have enjoyed all of the time sitting close to Ken in the stands – sucking his body heat as much as possible, to be honest – and having time to speak without interruption. It’s been great, too, to watch Reid’s hockey skills improve so dramatically over time. She won’t be rivalling Hailey Wickenheiser anytime soon, especially if she doesn’t decide soon to move more quickly on the ice, but her skating and stickhandling skills are much better than they were. I’ve learned lots about hockey, myself, as the season has progressed. I think Reid has also benefited from the challenge that hockey represents to her. So much comes easy for her that it is good to see her meet a challenge on a regular basis. All this to say that I’m looking forward to September but first I need to savour one last hockey practice/game.

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