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Flashback Friday – How I told Ken I was pregnant

Friday, July 6th, 2007

I wish that I had blogged from the moment we decided to try and conceive, barring that, I wish I had captured my thought while I was pregnant or, at the very least, that I had written about Reid’s life from when she was born. My memory is so poor and she changes so quickly that I know I’m losing memories at a startling rate. But I didn’t. I started writing when Reid was 2 years old. I’m not about to spend my life regretting this, though. I’ve decided to create my own meme and maybe others will pick it up. Or maybe it’ll be just something Reid and I look at and enjoy. I’m going to beginning and move forward though time, except that I’m leaving open the possibility of goint back even further or maybe returning to an earlier point in time once I’ve passed it.

The day I found out I was pregnant was one of the happiest days in my life but I have to say that *I* was the easiest person throughout the day. I’d gotten up and peed on the stick on a lovely Saturday in November. Okay, I made part of that up, I don’t remember what sort of a day it was but finding out I was pregnant after more than a year of trying probably made me think that it was a good day. I went out and bought groceries while Ken was still sleeping. I’m an early riser and he isn’t. Plus, I wanted to find a clever way of telling him that I was pregnant.

I returned home mid-morning with the groceries and found Ken quietly cleaning out the refrigerator. I couldn’t believe he would be so blatant in his criticism of my housemaking abilities! I know that I snapped and snarled at him, I’m pretty sure that he was taken completely aback. I’m not positive, though; he might have had enough experience with my innate unpredictability that he was only partially taken aback. Needless to say, I didn’t tell my beloved husband about his impending fatherhood right at that very moment.

After supper, when we were sitting together in an uneasy peace – I think Ken was afraid I might do something equally as unpredictable as flipping out when he did something as non-threatening as cleaning out the fridge and I was probably worried about something similar or maybe I still harboured resentment that he’d cleaned the fridge. Finally, I handed him the *What to Expect When You’re Expecting* calendar that I’d bought as a segue into the BIG news. Ken looked at the calendar and then at me and said something about not getting my point. Poor man. I told him that we’d need a calendar to keep track of my weight and the pre-natal appointments. Understanding gradually dawned. Ken will tell you that I am the least subtle person he knows but in this case, I was too subtle or maybe I was trying too hard to be clever.