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The once and future Reid – Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Just a few words: I wonder if this pic is a glimpse into the future. Reid’s face seems very mature for Senior Kindergarten graduation, at least to me.

Senior Kindergarten graduation

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Message received

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Reid was angry withh my yesterday morning because I wouldn’t help her wrap herself in two towels. She was cold and I wanted her to put on her clothing. When I got home last night, I noticed this on her bedroom door:

No Mama sign

I didn’t mention it but Reid did, “Remember this morning when I was so angry? I wrote this.” I nodded and she continued, “It’s my room and you can’t go in.” I was looking in through the doorway, feeling relieved, because that room is a mess and someone has to clean it before Grandma Joyce and Aunt Pam come. I’m glad I’ve been banned!

Reid paused a minute and then went to find her pencil – which she seems to keep in Ken’s office – and returned to add to the note. Poor man had nothing to do with the dispute.

No Mama and Daddy signCan I say how happy I am that Reid is starting to write independently? These are very exciting times at our house!

Enjoying it while it lasts

Friday, May 14th, 2010

This morning I noticed that one of the cats had thrown up in the hall. Boo! But I saw it before stepping in it. Yay! Recognizing an opportunity to please Reid, I said, “One of the cats threw up in the hallway. Do you want to clean it up or should I?” Reid came running, and claiming the “privilege” for herself. I got the carpet spray down for Reid while she got a kleenex out. She examined the little pile and declared, “Kibble. It was Pooka. She’s just lying in the hall.” Then, she cleaned up the mess, sprayed the spot and returned the bottle to me. I don’t know how long this job will be a desirable one, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

Not that I’m planning to let her out of it when its no longer cool. Worm feeding and replenishing the water and kibble in the basement are jobs that used to always be cool but are occasionally boring now. They remain Reid’s work, though. It’s nice to have her helping. I can ignore the grumbling.

Favourite things

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Reid and I took advantage of the warm weather of Tuesday to eat in our backyard. I’m not sure if the fresh air inspired her, but Reid chose the middle of supper to tell me about some of her favourite things:

Favourite food: chicken curry (Madras)
Favourite sport: soccer
Favourite toy: basketball, which she doesn’t own but plays at daycare in the courtyard or so she said
Favourite sleepy toy: Princess
Favourite thing she likes to do: sew, also at daycare

And after sharing this with me, Reid returned to her supper.

First “real” babysitter

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Reid is looking forward to tonight when she’ll have her first “real” babysitter. She proudly told Melissa, “I’m going to have a babysitter. A *real* one. Not from Wheatley or Windsor or Leamington. A babysitter from Ottawa and her name is Paige.” Ken and I are just as excited. Short of hanging around at the mall and approaching respectable looking teens who look like they might want to watch Reid, we haven’t had any luck finding a babysitter until now. The first couple of years weren’t *so* bad, since I probably would have been too wimpy to leave her but it’s been a while since I was like that.

Paige and her mom came over on Tuesday night for a quick introduction. Reid was excited to meet Paige but shy, too. Paige seemed pretty young, though she is 13, and was quiet, too. She took all of the information I provided without looking concerned at all. I’m glad one of us is feeling unflappable.

I’m giving them money for A&W. I figure that they’ll burn lots of time walking to and from the mall, eating and playing on the dragon and other mall “vehicles”, even visiting the pet shop, that Reid will hardly notice we’re gone. Not that she understands *why* Ken and I want to go out without her. ;+) Reid did, however, try to help us decide where to go. She suggested Swiss Chalet and Red Lobster and was offended when I said that those were places she wanted to go. Apparently while I was right, she was trying to help Ken answer my question.

Wish us luck, though, since we haven’t actually made it out the door yet. Knock wood and all that.

How can that be?

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Reid and I had the saddest conversation one morning this week. During our morning snuggle, she announced that Princess was *her* baby (usually she is Reid’s little sister) and I was the grandma. I don’t think I’m old enough to be the grandma, for what it’s worth.* And I definitely wasn’t ready for Reid to say, “And my man didn’t want me anymore so Princess and I are staying with you.” That creep! How could he not want my little girl anymore?!

Then, in a serious and concerned voice, Reid asked, “Is it allowed, even when you’re an adult, to live with your mama and dad?” I told her that she would, of course, be welcome to live with us. I even pointed out that Amanda and Nam live with his parents. Reid wondered what would happen if the man who she loved didn’t want to live with Ken and me after they were married. I told her that she should find out what her dates thought about living with her parents *before* she fell in love with them. I grudgingly added that maybe she would have to live in a different house once she is married.

We’ll have to wait (a couple or three) decades to see how this all turns out. I know Ken thinks Reid will leave home for university but I can’t bring myself to imagine that, yet.

*Yes, I know that I could easily have teenager/twenty-something year old with a child of their own but I don’t.