Things for which I think Reid is grateful

With Thanksgiving Weekend upon us, I’ve been thinking of what Reid might say she is gratefiul for and this is what I’ve come up with (in no particular order):
* the colour yellow because “lellow” is fabulous;
* doing things by herself for herself;
* being able to say “Hep, Daddy” or “Hep, Mama” and having someone spring into action even if that same someone was just told not to help because “Reid doed it” seconds earlier;
* bare feet. She still takes her socks and shoes off on the way home from daycare several days a week and when she doesn’t, they come off when she is nursing;
* books, especially ones that rhyme and / or have animals;
* Dora the Explorer stuff (though mean Mama won’t let her watch the tv show);
* finger painting, painting with brushes and colouring with crayons and markers;
* playing with blocks and playdough and also Baby and dollies;
* being healthy and growing taller to reach all of the things she couldn’t before, including some things she shouldn’t;
* spending time at daycare with her teachers, Karen, Tammy (who puts stamps on her belly), Anne Marie and Rachelle and all of her friends there, including Lexsie, Amadou, Julia, Nicholas, Kianna and a bunch of others whose names I don’t know;
* having friends like Aunty Amanda, Melissa, Peter, Stephen, Sarah and Ben (especially Ben);
* having a big family, with many Grandmas and Grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins who are fun to play with and who love her “tisses” and hugs;
* having three cats to watch from afar (Mars), to bat hands with and sometimes kiss when he isn’t watching (Leo) and to pet, cuddle and fight with for Mama’s affection (Clio);
* playing with Daddy on the floor because he can build towers, read books, wrestle, tickle and cuddle; and
* playing in the tub with Mama, nursing and singing in bed and having Mama sit in the backseat when the road is too long.

Reid’s Mama and Daddy are thankful to have all of you in our lives, too. Happy Thanksgiving.

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