The big performance

Reid’s class and teachers have been working for a couple weeks to prepare for their circle performance on Friday. Basically, all of the classes at daycare gather in the Toddler Room and each performs a couple of songs. Reid’s class is doing “I’m a big Christmas tree” (tune of “I’m a little teapot”) and “Where is Santa?” (tune of “Finger Family”). I think that we might be able to try and show you the latter the next time we see you or maybe on a video but the Christmas tree song doesn’t work with the tune that goes through my head and given my appalling lack of musical sense, that isn’t so surprising.

The teachers didn’t get the performance on video. Tammy said that they were too busy and that is easy to believe. Karen said she was laughing so hard that the tears were running down her face but that the kids did a really good job with their songs.

I wish I had been able to go to the performance but parents weren’t invited. Given privacy concerns and all the legal stuff, I’m not surprised.

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