Is there a better way to kick off the first long weekend of the summer?

On Friday night after swimming lessons, I talked Ken into taking us to Dairy Queen. Well, I thought I was talking him into driving and I would pay but then I didn’t have my purse. We share money freely but I’m forever spending his cash and then he has none. As we drove, we were talking about ice cream cones and Reid said, “like daycare.” I was a bit deflated. I thought that I was offering a special treat but those daycare people seem to have beat me to the punch. Reid managed to eat her ice cream cone in her car seat making very little mess. I got some on my sleeve, though, while tucking a napkin into Reid’s shirt to protect it from drips. As we drove home, I was thinking that the evening boded well for the rest of the weekend. I’m superstitious that way when the portent is positive. When it’s negative, I try to think that things can only get better. :+)

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