Ben’s soccer game

Ben asked us for weeks if we would come to watch him play soccer. Unfortunately, his games and Reid’s swimming lessons conflicted. Reid’s swimming lessons have wrapped and so when he asked on the Thursday night after swimming lessons were over, I said that I’d check with Ken to see if we could come. Ben called me himself (with Melissa’s help I imagine) to ask for an answer on Friday. I was flattered and caught up in his excitement. Ben is only one of the kids to invite us – or if the others asked when they were his age, I’ve forgotten. I think I’m closer to Ben because he was born here and Reid and I spent so much time with Ben and Melissa when I was off on mat leave.

Unlike so many other days lately, that Friday was mild and sunny – instead of hot and humid. We got to the soccer pitch about 6:30 and were still able to find a place right on the sideline. Reid watched a bit of the game but spent a good deal of the time kicking a soccer ball back and forth with her dad. I enjoyed watching the boys play and hope that Reid will have as much fun if/when she plays soccer. I know no rules other than you aren’t allowed to touch the ball with your hands unless you’re the goalie but Ken follows soccer and so will be able to educate me. Provided I can pay attention and not interrupt. I’m a poor student when Ken is trying to teach me things. (Surprised? ;+)

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