Shoes, sandals and rainy days

Have you ever noticed how kids get slower and chattier when you’re standing in the rain, waiting to take them out of the car – where, incidentally, they are able to stay dry? It happens to us all of the time.

Reid was having a between-season footwear dilemma yesterday. I was all set to send her in sandals when Ken mentioned running shoes. Reid decided she needed shoes and socks and so I ran upstairs to get her socks. The socks went on okay but then the shoes I offered were deemed unsuitable. The second pair were no better. As the little vein on the side of Ken’s head started to pulse – he thinks he is Zen-like as he waits without speaking – I told Reid she’d have to take her socks off and wear her sandals. At which point, she discovered the solution for herself: socks and flip-flops. Ken blurted out a “that won’t work” kind of statement. I explained that she’d done it before, made me cringe but they aren’t my feet. I took her running shoes to the car, just in case.

When Ken and Reid got to daycare, Reid fiddled about putting on her shoes – I’m not sure whether it was sandals or runners she was working on – as Ken stood in the rain. Reid is never quick about getting out of the car but it seems that she is slowest on rainy days. Even on cold and snowy days, it’s not so bad since we can bundle up but we’re not slicker-wearing folk on the way to work. We’re working on Zen-like acceptance of the vagaries of nature.

2 Responses to “Shoes, sandals and rainy days”

  1. jen says:

    socks n flip flops are a great look!!

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