Great Wolf Lodge 2007, day 3

One of the coolest things about the Great Wolf Lodge is that you can play in the waterpark whenever you arrive, not having to wait until the 3:00 pm check-in, and you can stay until the waterpark closes at 10:00 pm on the day you check-out. I arranged for a late check-out and so we were able to eat both breakfast and lunch in our room. We sandwiched a trip to the waterpark into the middle of the meals, of course.

After lunch, we went took our luggage to our cars, keeping a few clothes with us. When we got back to the waterpark, I noticed that the sign above the door to the outdoor pool had changed from it’s “no exit” sign. Aunt Karin was doubtful but it turned out that I’d read the meaning of the change in sign properly. A victory for little sisters everywhere! It had been foggy and trying to rain when we first got up – the first I’d noticed the weather since we first walked in to the lodge – but the fog was gone and it was beautiful and sunny. The pool outside was one of those gently sloping beaches but with no waves. Reid loved it! It was a good combination – warm water and a bright sun – a “stolen” day of fabulous weather in October that could easily have been cool and rainy as fall often is. We chased each other and played about. Aunt Karin lifted Reid up so that I could swim through her legs. I’d been swimming underwater quite a bit Wednesday and Thursday, much to Reid’s amusement. Aunt Karin and I reminisced about Poppa Howard swimming underwater with a kid on his back. I floated on my back and Reid pulled me around. She told me that I was a boat. I told her that if she was pulling me around, that *she* was a tugboat. Aunt Karin helpfully chimed in with the comment that since Reid was a tugboat, I must be the barge. There are fewer things nicer than being called a “barge”, really. ;+) After a while, we laid back on chaise lounges and ate some Dippin Dots, maybe I earned the barge comment.

We spent some more time warming up in the Cub Club. Given that our turn in the hotel room was over, as I explained to Reid, we were especially grateful for a fun place to hang out and warm up. I’ve been saying “warm up” but must also tell you that the waterpark was kept at 84 degrees and the water in all pools was warm. Reid’s little body just wasn’t able to heat enough of the water to avoid purple lips. Reid coloured a page and then moved on to the large foam blocks at the end of the room. Aunt Karin settled on the floor nearby with her book. I think Reid and I were a bit hard on her head after a while. Being with a 3 year old full time is intense, add that to being with your sister with whom you haven’t lived full time for 30 years, well, escaping into a book is a welcome diversion. I went to the Canoe Coffee Shop for tea, coffee and water and then came back to doing some building with blocks of my own.

Reid didn’t want me to add blocks to her tower but wasn’t reticent about “helping” me with my tower. We had built a humdinger of a tall tower, taller than Reid, and had moved on to a second tower before a wayward block or maybe an unplanned movement by Reid knocked over both towers. She looked a bit shocked and immediately apologized. I assured her that we should just be proud of what we’d done. Reid shrugged off the disappointment and decided to bury herself, with help from me, in the blocks all over the floor. Do all kids bury themselves in toys, sand and the rest? I know I started it with sand at the beach on our Bataan Death March vacation in 2005 but she seeks it out now.

Reid and I went to the Bear Claw Cafe for treats while Aunt Karin was outside for a while. Reid chose a “tuptake” with green icing and flower-shaped cookie sticking from the top. I had a brownie with sprinkles on top. We shared a bottle of water and talked of this and that, just like one does with a girlfriend. Okay, my memory is blurry but I’m probably misleading you. It’s more likely that Reid asked me questions, many questions, with lots of “why’s?” in there. I had just packed up half of the brownie for Aunt Karin when she appeared. With our snack finished, we headed back to the waterpark one last time. Reid didn’t give a thought to any of her previous favourites – not Otter Lake, not the beach at Rainbow Lake, not even Chipmunk Cove – and headed straight for the outdoor pool.  After more splashing, floating and giggling, it was time to dry off again and get ready for dinner with Aunt Elaine.

Being a vain woman, I noticed my hair was somewhat worse for wear and here I was about to have dinner with Aunt Elaine. Of course, I’d last seen her at the family reunion at the Bluewater Fun Park but that wasn’t on the third day of 3 plus hours per day in the water. There is an Aveda Elements Spa in the lodge. I’d hoped to get a pedicure while we were there but hadn’t managed it. Still, I thought of them and decided to cough up the cost of mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It turns out that they’ve discontinued the mini bottles because they’re environmentally unfriendly. The receptionist was willing to give me samples from the salon in the little container you get sour cream in for takeout meals. They smelled like they were natural, made from moss or leaves or something, made my hair feel so nice! Another time, I’ll have to go to the spa for sure.

We got to Jack Astor’s in St Catharines before Aunt Elaine and they sat us at a table for 6 covered in kraft paper. I thought the big booth was nice because it allowed Reid room to roam. When Aunt Elaine arrived, she had brought cousin Loralei (sp?) and her little girl, Emma. What a nice surprise! We all ate well. I’d never been to Jack Astor’s before but was certainly satisfied. The next time I’ll have to order the pan bread. Loralei shared a bit of hers and it was good!

We were late getting into the car to head back to Frankford, the midway point of our drive, and no sooner got on the highway before the thick fog settled in. Overall, we made decent time, though, and got to Grandma Barb and Grandpa Terry’s at 10:30. We were awake for maybe 7 minutes after we arrived and slept like logs until 7:20.

You can also read about our first day or even our second day.

Grandma Barb had an appointment and so we ate breakfast and were back on the road by 8:00. The hurrying was good. Reid and I were both eager to get home to Ken. Reid was good in her car seat. She played with stickers, markers and Playdough – new stuff since I’ve been reminded that there is a difference – and talked my ear off. Again we made good time. Reid didn’t speak about being close to home until we were just around the corner from our house. She looked up, saw where we were, and said, “Hey! We’re almost there!” Ken got good hugs and kisses from both us and then we ate lunch and went for a nap, like we’d never been gone.

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