Canadian Toy Testing Council – results are in and the toys are for sale

The Canadian Toy Testing Council has collected the opinions of its toy testing families and issued recommendations for toys and books to watch out for. Most parenting magazines seem to be featuring this sort of story this month but you can get information directly from the Canadian Toy Testing Council site. I find the lists of “great books” as well as “other recommended books” that they recommend to particularly useful. The lists give the sort of summary that I need to decide if the book would suit the person for whom I’m shopping.

You may want to join to become a member of the Canadian Toy Testing Council, your membership fee supports the work of the CTTC and helps them stay impartial. If you are in Ottawa-Gatineau, you can apply to be a toy testing family and, of course, you can get into the toy sale early. You can support the CTTC even if you aren’t in Ottawa-Gatineau. There is a separate form for you. Look for the “Joining the CTTC” link in the left menu. (I hate framed sites but it’s a good organization nonetheless.)

But wait, there’s more. If you live in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, you can buy the tested toys at good discounts. The sale will be held this Saturday (20 October) at: 1973 Baseline Road. Members get to shop from 9:00-10:00 and the general public goes in at 10:15. There will be a line up before each start time. Bring your own bags but leave the kids at home. It can get a bit rowdy as everyone rushes for the great toys at great prices. Check the price cards – they show a rating out of 3 stars and often a comment. There is no sense buying a dud.

Edited to add the day and date. Oops.

3 Responses to “Canadian Toy Testing Council – results are in and the toys are for sale”

  1. Ken says:

    What day is the sale?

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks for pointing out that small but important oversight ;+)