Monster bunnies

This morning while we were having a family snuggle, and after Reid’s turn giving Ken his waking up kisses and after my turn that was restricted to “just one kiss, Mama”, Ken told me that he hadn’t slept well because he’d had bad dreams. I asked him if I’d been a monster in his dream or if Reid had been. Reid interrupted to say something about monster bunnies in a voice full of remembered fear. She then turned to Ken and told him he’d saved her and gave him a big squeeze. He told her that savings daughters was one of the things that daddies do and gave her a good hug back. I wonder if the monster bunnies dream is recurrent or if it was just a particularly disturbing one. She first mentioned a dream with monster bunnies a couple weeks ago.

As we drove home from Kindermusik, we were talking about what holidays were coming up and Easter reminded Reid of the scary bunnies and I assured her that the Easter Bunny wasn’t a monster. We may need some “hanging out in front of the pet shop” therapy to help Reid get to like bunnies again. Not that I want her to like them too much. A friend from work rescues bunnies and she says that bunnies require more work that people think and also that it’s sometimes tough to integrate them into a house with cats – like bringing another cat in – and we just don’t have time for that. Now, if you have or had bunnies, I wish you all the best and I’m sure that they’re an important part of your household.

Sweet dreams.

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