The Trouble with Visiting Grandma Joyce

In the weeks since we visited Wheatley, Reid has said many times that she misses ¬†Grandma Joyce. It’s often at bedtime, when Reid’s emotions are very close to the surface. With her trembling lip and watery eyes, Reid is the very picture of a kid who misses her Grandma. I usually suggest that we call Grandma, either immediately or in the morning if we’re already in bed. Sometimes Reid agrees but mostly she says, “I want to SEE her.” After this happened a couple of times, I teased Grandma Joyce that if Reid didn’t stop crying for her, we weren’t going to visit anymore. Grandma Joyce didn’t laugh.

Finally, I called Grandma Joyce and suggested that she should start asking if someone would bring her to Ottawa for a visit. I didn’t think that we could survive a full 6 weeks Grandma-less. One night, I told Ken that Grandma Joyce had asked Auntie M to ask Uncle Roger if he would bring her (Grandma Joyce) to Ottawa. Ken had to concentrate really hard to follow but Reid just said, “Because I miss her,” with finality. It was that simple, really.

I told Reid on Wednsday that Uncle Roger and Grandma Joyce were coming to visit. After some confusion about how many sleeps would happen before they arrived – I forgot to count naps – we settled on them arriving on show and tell day. Reid told her teachers and Melissa and at least one of Melissa’s kids that we would be having “guests” this weekend. When asked or if there was the slightest flicker of interest, Reid will tell who our guests would be.

Reid told me this morning that she didn’t miss anyone. I had a flash of worry that she wouldn’t be as excited to see Grandma Joyce and Uncle Roger as I’d said but then Reid said, “I don’t miss them because they’re coming to see me.” We’ve got no more sleeps to wait. When we get home from swimming lessons, Grandma Joyce and Uncle Roger should be there waiting for us. It’ll be so good, I can hardly complain about the snow and freezing rain that has fallen today. Hardly.

Have a great weekend. I’m sure we will.

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  1. Dana says:

    Awe… That is too funny… Doesn’t it figure that – that would happen.. It’s always the way… Well, hopefully Grandma will get some great excitment when she’s seen…

    I hope so!


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