I’m not that person

I asked Reid if any of the kids had commented on her braids on Friday. She said, “no”. “What about the teachers?” I prompted. No one said anything, according to Reid. I said that Ken had told me that the teachers had admired her 12 braids. “I’m not that person,” Reid said. “Pardon?” said the slow-thinking Mama. “I’m not Daddy, I’m not that person.” And it all became clear…

The teachers mentioned that I must have lots of patience to put all of those braids in Reid’s hair. Reid is the one with the tolerance and patience to sit while I comb and braid but I “bribe” her with stories for the full time I work on her hair. The promise of no hairbrushing the next day and only tidying the day after is a major draw – for both of us – as well.

2 Responses to “I’m not that person”

  1. Burgh Baby says:

    I think it’s funny when people ooh and aah over how I manage to get Alexis to sit while I put pigtails in her hair or whatever. She wants “pretties” so she will sit all day for them. Some kids do, and some kids don’t. Yay for getting a kid that does!