How I wish my Blackberry hadn’t taken that swim

I dropped my Blackberry into some water last weekend. It hasn’t worked since. I usually write posts on my Blackberry, while travelling on the bus, in stolen moments away from home, etc. I am still hoping that it will dry out and start working again but I have to say that I wish I knew who the saint of faint hope was and whether s/he would help me if I asked. (I just can’t admit that maybe I should be hoping for Saint Jude, the Patron Saint of Lost Causes and Desperate Situations to lend a hand.)

Without my Blackberry, I feel like I’ve lost my voice. I’m not waking up to use the computer after Reid finally falls asleep after 9:00. Even though she is tucked in her bed at 8:00, she can’t get to sleep thanks to the nap the province says that she needs. I know that some/most/other people don’t lay down with their nearly-4 year old children but I do and this doesn’t seem the right time to stop, especially considering that we’ll be travelling quite a bit in the next few weeks and will likely be sleeping together.

Back to my main point, I feel like I’ve lost my voice without my Blackberry even more than I feel disconnected from the rest of the world, I feel disconnected from me. I write to make sense of what is happening, to remember and to reflect on what I would do another time. Maybe I will call on Saint Jude, after all.

2 Responses to “How I wish my Blackberry hadn’t taken that swim”

  1. My son dropped my husbands phone in a bucket of water once. I feel for you.