Logical consequences can be tough

Friday was the last day of show and tell at Reid’s daycare. When I picked Reid up, Claire told me that Reid would probably report that Claire had been angry and cancelled show and tell. (Unlike the time when Reid told me that Claire had made them all sit on the porch and, when questioned, didn’t think that Claire had been angry or frustrated with their behaviour.) Claire said that the kids had been a bit wild and just weren’t listening to instructions or carrying out routines that they knew very well. It is far too early in the summer for the kids to get wild and I think, sad as it is to say, taking away the last show and tell was  a good and logical consequence for the bad behaviour. Reid, at least, likes show and tell a lot.

As we picked up the photo Reid had brought for show and tell, Reid told me that they hadn’t had show and tell.  When I asked why, she said, “We weren’t listening.” I acknowledged that it was a sad thing to have happened and said how Claire must have been frustrated with their misbehaviour and Reid repeated that they hadn’t been listening. I’m not sure if Reid isn’t troubled by Claire’s reaction or if she didn’t notice it. She certainly didn’t blame Claire for anything.

Reid volunteered the information about show and tell being cancelled and why, when she saw Ken. When she told Grandma Joyce and Aunt Karin, she told them it was the last show and tell day at daycare. She asked about her new school and I said I wasn’t sure if they had show and tell there. In a grave tone, Reid said, “It was the last show and tell ever.” I sure hope that they have show and tell at school.

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