My way or by Reid

In Ken’s absence, Reid has been taking on more responsibilities with greater and lesser degrees of success. She is more than capable of giving the cats kibble although she tends toward the “super sized” servings, both in the bowl and in the number she drops for Leo (because he likes to “hunt” a few off of the floor). Reid’s one attempt to fill the water bowl in the basement resulted in a panicked yell and wet clothes. The controls on the utility sink are exceedingly sensitive, except you have to twist and twist before they respond at all, and they seem to me to work backwards. In any case, Reid hasn’t tried to fill the water bowl since that first time.

Reid has mastered the art of changing the toilet paper roll. She seeks out occasions to practice this skill, a change from the state of play in most house I know. The only thing, and it’s a small thing but I notice, Reid tends to put the roll on so that the toilet paper unrolls at the back and bottom. I’m a dispenses from the top and front woman. Everyone knows that there is only one correct way to hang toilet paper (and that is the way they happen to do it). I say nothing to Reid except, “Hey, thanks!” Or maybe, “I’m so glad we work as a team!” A little part of me, the part that appreciates – but ignores – the irony of my otherwise lax housekeeping traits co existing with this anal one, knows I’m silly to quibble but would still prefer that she change the way Reid hangs the toilet paper. I’m not dumb enough to correct her though.

I’ll take help in Reid’s way than doing everything myself. When we were newly together, Ken told me that I could have something done my way or by him. This was a good way to explain the choice before me. I had to leave the room when he washed dishes to suppress my impulse to improve his process but it worked out overall. I don’t know whether when he washes dishes by hand he still puts each dish in the water all alone but I know that I’m not the only one who washes dishes and that is the main thing. Now, I’m not the only one to change the toilet paper either. Things are going well.

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