A bit T-Rex, a bit monkey

Reid slept about 11 hours Monday night and woke up ravenous. While I was packing my lunch and we were waiting for her oatmeal to cool, I offered her the choice of a slice of turkey lunch meat or a banana. She told me, “I’m a little bit T-Rex and a little monkey.” It must have shown on my face that I didn’t understand where her declaration had come from because she explained. “I need meat because I’m a little bit T-Rex and banana because I’m a little bit monkey.” Ah, I thought. It’s obvious when you take the time to follow her logic. On the way to school, Reid ate her oatmeal-raisin cereal and half of my banana. I’ll have to measure her height this weekend. I’m pretty sure she must be growing taller since she isn’t getting any wider.

One Response to “A bit T-Rex, a bit monkey”

  1. Of course. That makes perfect sense. I love the things kids come up with!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! You are so right – breastfeeding has helped me be so much more tuned in to Ladybug. I do hope you’ll come visit again! Have a great weekend!