Happy Earth Day 2009

This Earth Day is definitely a lot more “April showers bring May flowers” than last year’s warm, sunny one. I was more organized last year than this as well. Last year, I’d got some paper grocery bags from the fine folks at my local Loblaws. The Junior and Senior classes at Reid’s daycare decorated bags for distribution back at the Loblaws on Earth Day and used some for doing a clean-up of the play yard. Grocery bags are just right for 3 and 4 year-olds to do lawn work, for what it’s work. This year, I did nada. Reid’s school is good for sports but I doubt they’re going to celebrate Earth Day. My eco accomplishment for the year has been to unplug the microwave and convection ovens when they’re not in use. I first did this on Earth Hour and it’s been a low-disruption change though I’m not sure of the energy savings. I’d unplugged the stereo in the living room as well but we depend on it to tell us the time. We have no free-standing clocks and depend on the displays of those always-on, always-using-energy appliances that are the new bad guys in the world of energy sinks.

Since we’ve started composting and vermi-composting, installed motion detector lights in the bathroom and compact fluorescent bulbs where possible, I’m running out of ideas. Does anyone have an eco-idea to share on Earth Day? One that Reid would find to be fun or yucky, like the worms, would be best.

2 Responses to “Happy Earth Day 2009”

  1. Loukia says:

    Mine involves a movie theatre – I want to take my oldest son to see the movie Earth tonight. That, or re-watching our Planet Earth DVD’s! I have a post about Earth Day up on my blog, too.

    Happy Earth Day!

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