Fathers’ Day present? Check!

I took Reid to another Home Depot Kids’ Building Workshop after soccer on Saturday. The project this month was intended as a Father’s Day present and so I can’t tell you what we built but I will say that we appreciated the pre-drilled nail holes. The first project we did back in March didn’t have this feature and we bent more than a few nails in the process. Reid had more patience for the hammering than previously but I still got to do my fair share. Reid decided that she should hold the nails in place for me, just to add to my stress. I don’t like hitting my own fingers and seeing her pretty little ones made me that much more leery. As always, the painting stage was the most eagerly anticipated and enjoyed. Reid was pretty sure her daddy would want her to use as many of the available pastel-coloured paints as possible on his present. She put on a bit of black trim for emphasis. We still need to apply the stickers since the paint was too wet yesterday. Knowing me, Ken will be sitting at the table next Sunday waiting patiently while Reid and I finish it up. Unless Reid asks me 17 times a day until we do it. I’ll only be able to resist one day of pestering.

The Kids’ Building Workshops take place at Home Depots across North America on the second Saturday of every month. Some stores require you to register but others allow you to just show up. There are no charges for the materials and the projects are simple enough for Reid and me to complete in an hour without assistance from others. I’ve seen people with 2 or 3 kids and one adult but the kids either need to be big enough to do some of the work independently or there will be waiting involved. It’s a safe, free and fun way to spend some time together. ┬áCheck it out at http://www.homedepot.ca.

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