Hearsay from Grandma Joyce

Grandma Joyce relayed a couple of stories from her last visit today. She and Reid spent quite a bit of time at the front of the house, to Reid’s delight. Reid likes to be around if R or V from next door or B from the next house over are outside.

Grandma Joyce offered to watch over R, who was asleep in the van, while his mom ran into her house because the baby was hungry. Grandma Joyce asked it the baby was still breastfeeding and the mom said that she’d stopped at 3.5 months. Once the mom had gone, Reid asked Grandma Joyce, “Did I have milkies longer than three-and-a-half months?” Grandma Joyce said, “Yes.” It’s a good thing I wasn’t expecting gratitude for the four-plus *years* I nursed Reid. She has forgotten them already, it would seem. (Umm, maybe I was subconsciously expecting she’d be grateful some day, or would at least remember.)

The woman next door has noticed how fascinated Reid is by R and V. (Pretty much anyone who is conscious would notice, in fact.) And so our neighbour asked Reid if she would like a brother or sister. Reid replied, “Mama says it ain’t gonna happen.” Grandma Joyce said that Reid mimicked by intonation perfectly. Doesn’t Miss Manners say that you’re not supposed to discuss other families’ family planning issues with kids? At least it wasn’t as awkward as the stranger/lady who brought her kids to trick-or-treat at my door and encouraged Reid to press for a little sibling.

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