Camps Songs 2.0

Reid has been at camp two days and this is what she had to share (once she’d coached me a bit):

Me: Hey, Reidie.
Reid: Hey, what?
Me: Hey, Reidie.
Reid: Hey, what?
Me: Show us how you disco.
Reid: First, I slide. (Slide arms out)
Then, I bat my eyes. (Motion with hands on either side of head like exaggerated blinking)
Then, I do the Freak. (Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever with his arm in the air.)
Then, I do the Super Freak. (Arm in the air again, this time the hand turning a circle with the pointer finger extended)
Me: D-I-S-C-O. That is how we disco.

Sometimes Ken or I got to do the disco part. Reid was so obviously proud of us when we got the words and actions right that I felt a bit insulted. How can she think we’re dumb and uncool when she is only 5? I thought that we had a couple more years of being taken seriously.

By the way, Google tells me that this is a variation of a cheerleading call. Who knew?

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