Why did I teach her to tell time?

For a long time, Reid’s most common first words in the morning were, “Is it morning?” With the blackout blind, it’s hard to know. At some point, I decided to teach Reid how to read the clock and told her that she gets up once the first digit is “6″. That worked well enough until Reid started at her new school. At her old school, the kids had a quiet/nap time every afternoon between 12:30 and 2:00. This is the same time, more or less, that she is at her new school. I don’t think Reid was sleeping most days but she seems to have needed the downtime, given how tired she is in the afternoon and evening. We’ve been putting her to bed earlier but she hasn’t been falling asleep much earlier. It’s that whole leading a horse to water thing but with sleep. Because Reid is blessed/cursed with the same internal clock as me, she wakes up at close to the same time every day. This is incredibly annoying when she hasn’t had enough sleep (and, incidentally, when I wake when still tired). I’ve started covering the clock with a pillow so that she won’t be able to glance over and know that it is morning. If Reid is willing to go to the effort of moving the pillow, I decide that sleep is too far gone. But really, who thought teaching her to tell time was a good idea?

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