10 Photos for 10-10-10

Andrea over at Peak inside the Fishbowl inspired The 10photos Project. Throughout the day, I took a photo at the top of each hour for 10 hours, starting 7:00 am EST. The earliest photos are at the bottom. I’m also uploading to the 10Photos Project Flickr Group.

ETA – It seems I can’t count. This is actually a 10+1 photo project. I couldn’t bear to delete Reid’s cousin’s arrival pic. She, too, is a special kid.

 5:00 pm – Cousin arrives at Grandma Barb’s

Cousin arrives

4:00 pm – Walking in Brockville

Walking in Brockville

3:00 pm - On the road to Grandma Barb’s

On the road to Grandma Barb’s

2:00 pm – In front of the Shenkman Arts Centre

In front of the Shenkman Centre

1:00 pm – Making pumpkins in pottery class

Pottery pumpkins

12:00 pm – Finally, a shower

Finally, a shower

11:00 am – I’m no longer invited in

No longer invited in

10:00 am – We fruitlessly searched for butterflies (we found them eventually but the line was too long)

Fruitlessly searching for butterflies

9:00 am – On the run with my running group

On the run

8:00 am - Taking care of her pearly whites

Pearly whites

7:00 am - Almost time to wake up

Almost time to wake up

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  1. Chantal says:

    Great photos, Looks like a busy day. I haven’t had time to put mine on my blog yet. Not sure if I will till tomorrow. I am hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow and spend most of this evening cooking, not really in the mood to blog now. Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. Karin says:


  3. Melanie B says:

    Hi there,
    Your girl is just precious! Great photos.

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