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Hair, glorious hair

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Reid has been gradually taking over the decisions and responsibility for her hair over the last several months. I’m not exactly sure when it started but I could make a good guess based on pictures since Reid’s preferred hairstyle is long, loose and in her face. The latter characteristic may be a by-product of the first two. It drives me a bit nutty not to be able to see Reid’s face. Watching her drag her hair through her plate, whatever craft supplies she is using, et cetera is a very hard thing but I’m working on being excited about this new self-care skill. (Always look on the bright side, that’s my motto.)

Without the omnipresent ponytails and braids that kept me sane all these years, Reid needs her hair washed and conditioned more often to allow her to get the tangles out. It’s like someone out there doesn’t want me to get too comfortable with a particular stage before they change it up on me. Fortunately, Reid is also getting better with washing and conditioning her own hair. The rinsing needs a bit more work. Despite swimming well and often, Reid doesn’t like to get the water in her face. Even when she showers “all alone”, I have to stay in the bathroom to wipe her eyes if water or soap gets near them. It’s a tough life, I tell you ;+)

A friend of mine suggested that I offer Reid the option of having her hair cut, now that Sulienne and Ryan’s wedding has passed. I said that I’d mentioned it but Reid wasn’t interested. Janice pointed out that Reid would have an easier time caring for short hair but, of course, Reid still wast interested when I mentioned it again. I’m not pushing it. Reid is doing a pretty good job and I wouldn’t want to undermine her confidence. Plus, she still let’s me do her hair every once in awhile.

Reid knows the story of the time that she pooped in the tub and then was upset that she had to get out. When she reminds me of that story, I’m reminded of how far we’ve come. I miss that round little toddler but I’m ever-so-happy with the almost big girl I have now. (If only she’d let me braid her hair more often. Sigh)