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Cats as clocks

Friday, May 8th, 2009

I’m often impressed by Clio and Leo’s ability to know what time it is. When I telework, I’ll see Clio at lunch, as she hopes for peanut toast to drop or whatever, and then she’ll appear just ahead of the time that Ken and Reid are due home. She doesn’t have to hurry when the garage door opens like I do because she is already in the foyer.

But I’m writing this because Leo woke me up at 12:28 am today so that I would go with him to the bathroom, where his food is. I was thinking that it is quite amazing that he wakes me for company at his middle of the night snack within a 15-minute window most nights of the week. I wonder sometimes if it’s my body’s clock that is programmed to wake up and the Leo nuzzles me often and I only wake up when my body is ready. I’ve never asked Ken to stand guard all night to observe but, somehow, I don’t think he’d like the idea. I’m lucky enough to fall back asleep quickly or I might have to actually figure out how to train a cat to do something it didn’t want to do.

Labelling life

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Reid and I were sitting together on the couch the other night. Reid was snuggled right next to me and Clio was lounging on the adjacent cushion. Noticing that there were 4 hands that would be much better employed in petting her, Clio walked over and squirmed her way between me and Reid. Notice that I didn’t say that Reid and I were sitting with our hands in our laps. That would have been a lie. I had just finished writing Uncle Roger’s birthday message and was writing words on sticky notes according to Reid’s directions. We started with “tights”. I had Reid tell me the names of the letters that made the necesary sounds, with a quick explanation of the silent “gh”. Reid took the completed page and stuck it to her tights before asking for “dress”. We repeated the process. Dress, of course, has the second “s”. Is it “silent”, do you think? Once her outfit was appropriately labelled, Reid asked me to write “Pooka” (Clio’s nickname). With that sticky note in hand, Reid asked if she could stick it to the cat. I said that I didn’t think it would be a good idea. Clio puts up with a lot from Reid – it’s always well-intentioned affection but often slides into more physically rough than Clio appreciates – but being labelled might have pushed her limits. When I told Melissa about it this morning, she suggested that would like to be present when Reid tried to put a label on Leo. I’m not sure whether he’d hiss or run but he would surely take any label as an insult to his catness. Maybe we’ll try this weekend if we’re snowbound, as the weather experts say we will be.

Here, kitty, kitty

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Reid found the cat’s comb in the bathroom this morning and wanted to comb Clio’s fur. The only problem was that Clio was on the main floor or maybe that was the first problem, since Pooka (as Reid calls Clio) doesn’t particularly enjoy being combed. Reid was undaunted and just called for her at the top of the stairs. Ken and I were in our bedroom and could hear, “Poooo-kaa, Poooo-kaaa! C’mere Pookie.” No cat appeared. And then in an enticing tone, “Meow-ee. Meow-ee!” Ken and I giggled but weren’t surprised that Clio resisted the tempting call.

Finally Reid came back to our bedroom and spoke to Leo who was laying at the foot of the bed. “This comb is not for you, Leo. It is for you sister.” (Reid uses “you” in place of “your” most of the time.) Leo gave her a sarcastic, break-my-heart look and squished his eyes closed again. It’s for the best that Reid doesn’t want to comb Leo; he is a bit of a grumpy cat sometimes.

Clio has the patience of a saint

Monday, September 11th, 2006

This afternoon, Reid decided that Clio needed a hug. I tried to convince her that a kiss would be better but she gave both. It’s not easy for a toddler to hug a cat who is round like Clio but Reid isn’t daunted by a challenge. Clio took the hug as an indication it was time to eat some kibble (which might explain the roundness ;+)

Tonight, before bed, Reid took a t-shirt and covered Clio up saying, “Clio s’eeping”. Clio waited a bit to be rescued and then jumped off of the bed and went and laid near where Ken was doing laundry. Reid followed, carrying the t-shirt and covered her once again. Then, to add insult to injury, she tried to lay beside Clio and put her arm around her – or maybe she was going to lay on top of Clio – I intervened but only enough to get Reid away and grab the camera to take a photo. Ken said we are both awful. Clio still loves us.  Clio being covered up

It’s obvious, really

Friday, August 18th, 2006

While petting Clio this morning I told her she needed to be brushed and asked her where her comb was. Reid looked at me and said “Bathroom” in a tone that made it clear that anyone with half a brain knew that we keep Clio’s comb in the bathroom. (Which we do but it’s not on the shelf where it belongs.y

I find this interesting because I’d never heard Reid say “bathroom” before and because I didn’t realize she paid attention to Clio’s comb.

Melissa noticed that Reid has many more words this week than last week. I guess they sneak up on me each day.