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Running for the Cure – so Reid won’t have to

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Run for the Cure 2010

I signed up for the Run for the Cure this year. It started as a group activity for my Losing It In Ottawa team and some of our readers.
We’re trying to lose weight and get fit and being overweight is a contributing factor to cancer – it seemed like a natural fit.

The week before the run, I picked up my t-shirt and the bib with the sentence “I’m running for …” on it. I thought a lot about what to
write and kept coming back to a statement that I’d seen on the Run for the Cure site: I’m running so that my daughter won’t have to. I run several times a week now to be more fit. I watch what goes in my mouth so that I can lose weight and be healthier. But last Sunday, I ran so that Reid will have a breast cancer-free future.

A party because *you* are here

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Grandma Joyce brought her old punch bowl for me when she came to visit recently. Reid loved unwrapping each of the small cups and hanging each on its hook around the rim of the bowl. Since we were having Melissa and her kids to supper on Saturday night, Reid asked to make punch. Grandma Joyce washed all of the pieces and Aunt Pam provided the recipe and supervised preparations. We set the tables with good china and fancy silverware (but plastic glasses, because they’re less tippy than wine glasses). Reid loves getting out the “good dishes”, as Grandma Joyce calls them. They make an ordinary meal a bit more

When Melissa saw the punch bowl, she asked what special event I was planning. I told her that having dinner with her family *was* the special event. If your best friend’s family isn’t worth getting out your best dishes, who is?

Disclosure: Grandma Joyce taught me that one should use one’s good dishes despite the risk of breakage. rather than keeping them “safe” and unappreciated in a cupboard.

Aunt Pam’s punch recipe

4 cups sherbert – lime or rainbow, if you’re feeling fancy(1 litre)
4 cups ginger ale (1 litre)
4 cups pineapple juice (1 litre)
1 lime

Mix all these together. (Originally served for st pattys day, pretty green colour)

10 Photos for 10-10-10

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Andrea over at Peak inside the Fishbowl inspired The 10photos Project. Throughout the day, I took a photo at the top of each hour for 10 hours, starting 7:00 am EST. The earliest photos are at the bottom. I’m also uploading to the 10Photos Project Flickr Group.

ETA – It seems I can’t count. This is actually a 10+1 photo project. I couldn’t bear to delete Reid’s cousin’s arrival pic. She, too, is a special kid.

 5:00 pm – Cousin arrives at Grandma Barb’s

Cousin arrives

4:00 pm – Walking in Brockville

Walking in Brockville

3:00 pm - On the road to Grandma Barb’s

On the road to Grandma Barb’s

2:00 pm – In front of the Shenkman Arts Centre

In front of the Shenkman Centre

1:00 pm – Making pumpkins in pottery class

Pottery pumpkins

12:00 pm – Finally, a shower

Finally, a shower

11:00 am – I’m no longer invited in

No longer invited in

10:00 am – We fruitlessly searched for butterflies (we found them eventually but the line was too long)

Fruitlessly searching for butterflies

9:00 am – On the run with my running group

On the run

8:00 am - Taking care of her pearly whites

Pearly whites

7:00 am - Almost time to wake up

Almost time to wake up

Planning a date night, Reid style

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

I was telling Aunt Pam and Grandma Joyce about Melissa’s older kids refusing to go to McDonald’s with Ben, who is 9. Reid overheard and said, “We should go on a date night* with Ben. I don’t mind going to McDonald’s.” She is a master of understatement already! I’ll have to get something set up for a day when a second kid would make an activity more fun.

I’d been holding out for her to suggest that she and I go to Red Lobster, like she did with Aunt Karin in May. Apparently, Reid thinks
I’m not worth the big money meal.

*Date night for Reid does not require romance.