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Reid’s thoughts on vegans, vegetarians and such

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Reid’s been thinking about food a lot lately. She asked one day if people only ate meat. I said, “No,” because I wouldn’t want her to decide to be a carnivore (though it’s hard to imagine her giving up bread).

On Saturday, as we left the CHEO Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Reid wondered aloud what the people who were just arriving would eat since the pancake breakfast that we’d enjoyed was finished. She decided they would probably have sandwiches – chicken and ham and something, maybe cheese, for the vegetarians.

Vegetatians made her think about vegans and then, of course, about LeeLee. Reid noted that vegans were vegetarian but not all vegetarians were vegan. My girl thinks in Venn diagrams, it seems. And then the conversation took a turn for the weird. Reid said, “It would be weird if a vegan picked their nose and ate it.” To which I replied that no one should do that! After a couple seconds, I caught up with Reid’s thought process. “Because vegans are supposed to eat any animal products?” “Yes,” said my little lady, delicately sipping her lemonade. Ewww!

CHEO Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Reid and I went to the CHEO Teddy Bears’ Picnic on Saturday morning and, wow! did I not realize how much fun it would be. How did we miss it for the last 7 years?

We ate our pancakes and sausages as the grounds of Rideau Hall started to fill. Wrapping a sausage in your pancake makes it a finger food, right? Reid is all about finger foods and I was all about enjoying the sunny day. We wandered over to the face painting tent and then we met this guy:

Reid and the Governor General

The Governor General, David Johnston, seemed quintessentially Canadian – friendly, approachable and the sort of person who would be good to have with you on a long roadtrip.

Next, we met up with friends and watched the mascots parade and then sang along with the crowd to a few songs – including the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, of course – and then watched as local Olympians were introduced.¬†Go, Canada, go!


We headed over to ride the carousel and then the kids shot some baskets at a kid-size basketball hoop and then they played with soccer balls.

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic is going on our list of things to do next year.