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Finally found that round tuit

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

After Ken and Reid left this morning, I discovered Reid’s stylish red eyeglasses sitting in their overnight resting place on the bathroom counter. Oops! I took the glasses and left the bathroom but returned just a minute later to get Reid’s spare glasses, that spend their time nestled in their case. I’d been meaning to put them in the car for situations just like this morning’s but hadn’t got around to it. This morning, the third or fourth time that one of us has had to make the home-to-school trip twice in a matter of minutes, I finally found the “round tuit” I needed.

Ken wasn’t overflowing with praise when he came back for the red glasses and I handed him both pairs but I’m pretty sure that will happen the next time Reid gets to school with a bare face.

Reid’s first moments as a glasses-wearing girl

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

I tried to get a video but Reid wasn’t in the mood. Here are a couple of pics from Lenscrafters:

Unveiling the new, improved ReidThank goodness I was able to convince Reid that she didn’t need to keep her nose crinkled like this all of the time she has glasses on.

Mirror, mirrorThere were four more mirrors between this one and the front door. Reid checked her reflection in each. Based on the smile on her face, she liked what she saw.

It’s not too easy to see Reid’s glasses. They tried to sell me bright red plastic frames. I bet you could have seen them easily! They would have been cute for a while but then it would have been “oh, you’re wearing red glasses again today”. The frames are metal with a light purple tint to them. It’s subtle, though. We were only presented with the ones we got and the red ones because she needed such strong lenses, only the smallest frames would do.