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Cats as clocks

Friday, May 8th, 2009

I’m often impressed by Clio and Leo’s ability to know what time it is. When I telework, I’ll see Clio at lunch, as she hopes for peanut toast to drop or whatever, and then she’ll appear just ahead of the time that Ken and Reid are due home. She doesn’t have to hurry when the garage door opens like I do because she is already in the foyer.

But I’m writing this because Leo woke me up at 12:28 am today so that I would go with him to the bathroom, where his food is. I was thinking that it is quite amazing that he wakes me for company at his middle of the night snack within a 15-minute window most nights of the week. I wonder sometimes if it’s my body’s clock that is programmed to wake up and the Leo nuzzles me often and I only wake up when my body is ready. I’ve never asked Ken to stand guard all night to observe but, somehow, I don’t think he’d like the idea. I’m lucky enough to fall back asleep quickly or I might have to actually figure out how to train a cat to do something it didn’t want to do.

Middle names

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Reid was giving Leo trouble for jumping up where he didn’t belong or otherwise misbehaving at one point this weekend. She called out, in a very stern voice, “Leo Roy!” Ken and I have explained a number of times that Leo has no middle name and that, even if he had a middle name, it wouldn’t necessarily be “Roy”. Reid has been implacable in her commitment to “Roy” as the standard middle name for boys. Since Uncle Roger was in the room, I used his middle name as an example but also added that Zachary’s middle name was also not Roy. Reid knows that Ken’s middle name is William but sometimes she slips and calls him “Kenneth Elizabeth”. Worse, sometimes she appends my last name so that he has the same double-barrelled middle name as she does. Ken *really* loves it when Reid does that ;+)

I told Reid that Dylan doesn’t like it when she calls him “Dylan Roy” in any case. Grandma Joyce explained to Reid that Dylan held this point of view because his mom calls him “Dylan Roy” when he is in trouble. I muttered that Reid calls him that in the same instances and that one day I think he’ll clock her for it (and I won’t blame him but I’ll have to correct him anyway). Grandma Joyce snickered. The “little mother” thing is cute when Reid is bringing Dylan a treat or trying to comfort him when he’s upset but less so when she is telling him how to behave.

Here, kitty, kitty

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Reid found the cat’s comb in the bathroom this morning and wanted to comb Clio’s fur. The only problem was that Clio was on the main floor or maybe that was the first problem, since Pooka (as Reid calls Clio) doesn’t particularly enjoy being combed. Reid was undaunted and just called for her at the top of the stairs. Ken and I were in our bedroom and could hear, “Poooo-kaa, Poooo-kaaa! C’mere Pookie.” No cat appeared. And then in an enticing tone, “Meow-ee. Meow-ee!” Ken and I giggled but weren’t surprised that Clio resisted the tempting call.

Finally Reid came back to our bedroom and spoke to Leo who was laying at the foot of the bed. “This comb is not for you, Leo. It is for you sister.” (Reid uses “you” in place of “your” most of the time.) Leo gave her a sarcastic, break-my-heart look and squished his eyes closed again. It’s for the best that Reid doesn’t want to comb Leo; he is a bit of a grumpy cat sometimes.

Leo, aka Supernanny

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Okay, let’s start with a disclosure. I have only ever watched part of one episode¬†of Supernanny¬†but I think I understand it – some British lady tells parents how to be better at parenting. Now, to my story: In the middle of the night, Leo was bugging me – sticking his furry little face in mine. I finally got up and went to the bathroom, explaining to Leo that I had to go to sleep as I can’t sleep the day away like he does. When I got back to the bedroom, I could hear Reid crying and calling. It seemed that I hadn’t turned the volume up on the monitor high enough. When I got to Reid’s room she was crying hard and saying, “My called you! You no come!” Or something like that, it’s hard to be sure since Reid was sobbing. I’ve since decided that poor Leo was trying to tell me that Reid was calling. Unlike Lassie who could bark when little Timmy was in trouble or the Super Nannies who can speak up, Leo had to get in my face. I’m glad he did. I’m not sure when I’d have heard Reid. She doesn’t get out of bed when she needs me and even if she did, she generally can’t get the door open. We keep it shut for fire safety and also to keep Clio from seeking Reid-pets in the middle of the night. I need to be more careful with the monitor volume.

I hope you all have a Super Nanny when you need one.