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Lessons from the cats

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

I have noted often that Reid is like most kids in that she is always learning from the things we do. It appears that she doesn’t restrict herself to Ken and me as role models at home.

We spent part of each day over the weekend weeding through things, tidying up or rearranging. Reid consistently sought out ways that she could help, with more or less utility at various points. She was very helpful at putting materials in the recycling bins and at fetching scattered pieces of toy sets. She added less to the process of me carrying her crib box into the furnace room since she complained when I bonked her with it and really didn’t lift it all that high. I know how Ken feels when he has to rely on my help to move something large and/or heavy. Too short and too weak, I bet that’s what he thinks. But Reid and I are both trainable, especially her.

Reid was at her most interested and determined to be helpful when Ken was unplugging, replugging and rearranging the tv with all of its various dependents.  Could she hold this? Move that? What did that thing do anyway? Reid was the very embodiment of Leo with all of her interest and interference. Our cats fancy themselves as forepersons and Reid has learned well from them. Even Mars, the ultimate fraidy cat, couldn’t resist coming out to supervise when things were being moved about.

Flashback Friday – How I told Ken I was pregnant

Friday, July 6th, 2007

I wish that I had blogged from the moment we decided to try and conceive, barring that, I wish I had captured my thought while I was pregnant or, at the very least, that I had written about Reid’s life from when she was born. My memory is so poor and she changes so quickly that I know I’m losing memories at a startling rate. But I didn’t. I started writing when Reid was 2 years old. I’m not about to spend my life regretting this, though. I’ve decided to create my own meme and maybe others will pick it up. Or maybe it’ll be just something Reid and I look at and enjoy. I’m going to beginning and move forward though time, except that I’m leaving open the possibility of goint back even further or maybe returning to an earlier point in time once I’ve passed it.

The day I found out I was pregnant was one of the happiest days in my life but I have to say that *I* was the easiest person throughout the day. I’d gotten up and peed on the stick on a lovely Saturday in November. Okay, I made part of that up, I don’t remember what sort of a day it was but finding out I was pregnant after more than a year of trying probably made me think that it was a good day. I went out and bought groceries while Ken was still sleeping. I’m an early riser and he isn’t. Plus, I wanted to find a clever way of telling him that I was pregnant.

I returned home mid-morning with the groceries and found Ken quietly cleaning out the refrigerator. I couldn’t believe he would be so blatant in his criticism of my housemaking abilities! I know that I snapped and snarled at him, I’m pretty sure that he was taken completely aback. I’m not positive, though; he might have had enough experience with my innate unpredictability that he was only partially taken aback. Needless to say, I didn’t tell my beloved husband about his impending fatherhood right at that very moment.

After supper, when we were sitting together in an uneasy peace – I think Ken was afraid I might do something equally as unpredictable as flipping out when he did something as non-threatening as cleaning out the fridge and I was probably worried about something similar or maybe I still harboured resentment that he’d cleaned the fridge. Finally, I handed him the *What to Expect When You’re Expecting* calendar that I’d bought as a segue into the BIG news. Ken looked at the calendar and then at me and said something about not getting my point. Poor man. I told him that we’d need a calendar to keep track of my weight and the pre-natal appointments. Understanding gradually dawned. Ken will tell you that I am the least subtle person he knows but in this case, I was too subtle or maybe I was trying too hard to be clever.

Think about what you weigh, now tell the scrawny teenager staring at you

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

There is an advertising campaign for a distress line currently running on the buses here in Ottawa that says something to the effect, “Think of the most personal thing about yourself that you’ve never told to anyone. Now turn to the person next to you and tell them.” It’s an effective advertisement, I think, because it makes one think how hard it must be for people to seek help, even when they’re in a bad situation.Not to belittle the importance of the message but I had a little bare-all moment recently, too.

    When Reid and I were at the Toronto Zoo, we rode on a camel. The first time, we just climbed on, no questions asked. But when we went back the second day, the fellow at the camel asked what we each weighed in a booming voice that would have done a boxing announcer proud. I gave an awkward and truthful approximate response (as accurate as I could). He must have doubted me as he pulled out a scale and had us step on. We were within a couple of pounds of my guess, though a bit over the limit he mentioned. I offered to empty my pockets and try again but he decided it’d be okay. Shwew, I thought, since we’d already paid for our tickets.

Reid was much bolder the second day but was still far from agreeing to ride on her own and I had no desire to ride without Reid. In fact, her boldness explains why we were riding again. On Saturday, I’d had to cajole Reid into going with me. When she suggested going again, I wanted to reward her bravery.

A sign at the ticket fellow about the weight limit would be a good idea. I have yet another reason to lose weight, I guess. In fact, I should plan to lose a pound for every one Reid gains in the next year or so to allow us to continue to share the joys of riding camels or even an elephant if the opportunity presents itself. Soon Reid will be big enough to ride such creatures without me and then I’ll have no excuse. 

If you’ve never rode on a camel, I can report that you rock like you are in a small boat on a fairly rough lake, explainining the “ships of the dessert” moniker, I suppose. Also, they have very prominent spines that make sitting off to one side or the other a good idea. The ones we read didn’t have a particularly strong smell. I’d been expecting something vaguely horsey. They also were quiet creatures, walking the prescribed route without protest or comment. I asked about their “housing” and was told that they had a pasture that they went to at night and there were enough others that would have allowed an every other day sort of rotation.

Leo, aka Supernanny

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Okay, let’s start with a disclosure. I have only ever watched part of one episode of Supernanny but I think I understand it – some British lady tells parents how to be better at parenting. Now, to my story: In the middle of the night, Leo was bugging me – sticking his furry little face in mine. I finally got up and went to the bathroom, explaining to Leo that I had to go to sleep as I can’t sleep the day away like he does. When I got back to the bedroom, I could hear Reid crying and calling. It seemed that I hadn’t turned the volume up on the monitor high enough. When I got to Reid’s room she was crying hard and saying, “My called you! You no come!” Or something like that, it’s hard to be sure since Reid was sobbing. I’ve since decided that poor Leo was trying to tell me that Reid was calling. Unlike Lassie who could bark when little Timmy was in trouble or the Super Nannies who can speak up, Leo had to get in my face. I’m glad he did. I’m not sure when I’d have heard Reid. She doesn’t get out of bed when she needs me and even if she did, she generally can’t get the door open. We keep it shut for fire safety and also to keep Clio from seeking Reid-pets in the middle of the night. I need to be more careful with the monitor volume.

I hope you all have a Super Nanny when you need one.

Sad news to share

Friday, October 27th, 2006

I’m usually much happier than this when I start to write a message but today I have to report that we had to put Mars down last night. Clio and Leo are wandering the house seeming a bit lost and, honestly, Ken and I are as well. Reid asks about “Marsh” but is satisfied with the answer that he had to go away.

Buying costumes for Reid is getting to be like buying stuff for our cats

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Pointless. Thankless. That’s what it’s like to buy a toy for our cats. They like Boingos when they’re in the mood. They don’t like igloos, cute catprint mats to lay on even when they have catnip in them, or buttercup cat beds. Our cats will, if they are feeling indulgent, play with the Bite Bill (Gates) catnip toy and the triangles filled with catnip.

Reid, however, won’t wear the Hallowe’en costume I bought her. It’s so cute. A chicken from Old Navy. I took her to pick it out. She modelled it for Ken we got home, clucked a couple times and was fabulous. Then, I put it in the closet for a month. When I brought it out on Sunday, she was not impressed – in fact, she almost cried when I tried to put it on her. So I didn’t. Since then Ken and I have both tried on the hood of the jacket and Ken put the pants on his head. Reid was willing to put the pants on her head as well but wouldn’t let the jacket get near her. I think if I can’t convince her to put the jacket on tonight I will try and return the costume and someone who didn’t plan ahead like me and buy a costume seven weeks before Hallowe’en will be very lucky.

Reid has agreed she’ll wear her princess dress instead but she hasn’t put it back on. It probably won’t be warm enough without a coat and she’ll get it dirty at daycare but it’s not about me and what I want, right :+? We have a fleece bunny suit Grandma Joyce made last year when Reid balked at the adorable caterpillar costume I bought and which Reid wore only for photos and then under duress.  That could do us for the evening.  (If you’re wondering, last year she wore a black turtle-neck and black pants under a black net with spider webs on it wizard dress that I made from fabric I had in my basement.) I remember fondly Reid’s first Hallowe’en when she wore that pig costume and didn’t say a word about it! But I’m glad she has words and is her independent two-year old self. Maybe next year she’ll like the costume I buy. Oh, some of you are thinking I should give up on buying her costumes but you know I won’t :+)

Things for which I think Reid is grateful

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

With Thanksgiving Weekend upon us, I’ve been thinking of what Reid might say she is gratefiul for and this is what I’ve come up with (in no particular order):
* the colour yellow because “lellow” is fabulous;
* doing things by herself for herself;
* being able to say “Hep, Daddy” or “Hep, Mama” and having someone spring into action even if that same someone was just told not to help because “Reid doed it” seconds earlier;
* bare feet. She still takes her socks and shoes off on the way home from daycare several days a week and when she doesn’t, they come off when she is nursing;
* books, especially ones that rhyme and / or have animals;
* Dora the Explorer stuff (though mean Mama won’t let her watch the tv show);
* finger painting, painting with brushes and colouring with crayons and markers;
* playing with blocks and playdough and also Baby and dollies;
* being healthy and growing taller to reach all of the things she couldn’t before, including some things she shouldn’t;
* spending time at daycare with her teachers, Karen, Tammy (who puts stamps on her belly), Anne Marie and Rachelle and all of her friends there, including Lexsie, Amadou, Julia, Nicholas, Kianna and a bunch of others whose names I don’t know;
* having friends like Aunty Amanda, Melissa, Peter, Stephen, Sarah and Ben (especially Ben);
* having a big family, with many Grandmas and Grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins who are fun to play with and who love her “tisses” and hugs;
* having three cats to watch from afar (Mars), to bat hands with and sometimes kiss when he isn’t watching (Leo) and to pet, cuddle and fight with for Mama’s affection (Clio);
* playing with Daddy on the floor because he can build towers, read books, wrestle, tickle and cuddle; and
* playing in the tub with Mama, nursing and singing in bed and having Mama sit in the backseat when the road is too long.

Reid’s Mama and Daddy are thankful to have all of you in our lives, too. Happy Thanksgiving.

I just want to sleep, Reid says

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Well, she didn’t actually say that she wanted to sleep but this morning when we were waking Reid, she didn’t want to get up. I told her I had to go and take my shower and she could choose between snuggling with Daddy or using the potty. She said, “Daddy shower” and when we told her that Daddy had already showered, without batting an eye, or even opening one, she said, “Leo shower”. Of course, we said that Leo doesn’t shower and then she suggested it was Mars’ turn. Well, I laughed and told her the cats couldn’t shower because they couldn’t reach the tap. I have to admire her fast-thinking-while-trying-to-sleep skills.

Clio has the patience of a saint

Monday, September 11th, 2006

This afternoon, Reid decided that Clio needed a hug. I tried to convince her that a kiss would be better but she gave both. It’s not easy for a toddler to hug a cat who is round like Clio but Reid isn’t daunted by a challenge. Clio took the hug as an indication it was time to eat some kibble (which might explain the roundness ;+)

Tonight, before bed, Reid took a t-shirt and covered Clio up saying, “Clio s’eeping”. Clio waited a bit to be rescued and then jumped off of the bed and went and laid near where Ken was doing laundry. Reid followed, carrying the t-shirt and covered her once again. Then, to add insult to injury, she tried to lay beside Clio and put her arm around her – or maybe she was going to lay on top of Clio – I intervened but only enough to get Reid away and grab the camera to take a photo. Ken said we are both awful. Clio still loves us.  Clio being covered up

It’s obvious, really

Friday, August 18th, 2006

While petting Clio this morning I told her she needed to be brushed and asked her where her comb was. Reid looked at me and said “Bathroom” in a tone that made it clear that anyone with half a brain knew that we keep Clio’s comb in the bathroom. (Which we do but it’s not on the shelf where it belongs.y

I find this interesting because I’d never heard Reid say “bathroom” before and because I didn’t realize she paid attention to Clio’s comb.

Melissa noticed that Reid has many more words this week than last week. I guess they sneak up on me each day.